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Students will research, understand, write, and present information on one state. Students will utilize the computer to create a multimedia presentation and capstone events for student review.
1. Using a computer on wheels, the teacher will present the state of Illinois and it's capital to the class (teacher-directed.)

2. Students will be assigned one state and capital and they will be given a storyboard to research on. Students will be given four topics to research on. Teacher will choose from the following depending upon student capabilities:
1. introduction
2. state facts
3. state resources
4. historical timeline
5. something special
6. famous people from the state
7. famous landmarks
3. Students are grouped into regions. In these groups, students will type their information on the computer using MP Express

4. Students will select two songs used as background music for their presentation. a. Students will select two sound effects used as background music for their presentation. b. Students will select four graphic backgrounds and import them into their presentations.

5. In their regions, students will create twenty Quiz Works questions and twenty-five Bingo questions.

6. Students will type the questions for the games into the computer.

7. Students will present their regions to the class (student-directed.)

8. To check for comprehension of the lesson, the students will play Quiz Works and Bingo with Mr. Vern (capstone of the lesson.) United States Presentation Creation.
Encyclopedias Books, Social Studies Book,Internet, World Book Encyclopedia 1999 (CD Rom),Geography Workshop (CD Rom), Storyboard worksheet, Bingo card worksheet, QuizWorks questions worksheet

Multimedia Creation:
Presentation Application: MP express: Bytes of Learning ( 800-465-6428

Geography Workshop: Forest Technologies ( 800-544-3356

Musical Loops and Sound Effects:
80 Musical Loops, Sound Effect Vol. 1 & Vol. 2: FTC Publishing ( 309-664-1742

Music and sound effects worksheet

Presentation Delivery:
Computer on Wheels: see Computer on Wheels from Current Works amplifier, microphone and stand (chorus room) extra TV(on a cart) with video and audio inputs 2 Y cables and 2 40' extension RCA cables for 2nd TV (Radio Shack)

Capstoning Events:
QuizWorks: Current Works, Inc. Bingo! With Mr. Vern: Current Works, Inc. SideKeys Remote keypad inputs: Current Works, Inc. Printed Bingo cards from Bingo!With Mr. Vern, enough Smarties for Bingo markers
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher, the software needed to view and print the lesson plan, click on the button to download it: