The QuizWORKS Company
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"QuizWorks and SideKeys help me praise positive teamwork, teach current material, plus the students and I have fun!" Anne Waites, 3rd Grade Harrison School

"I learned so much about my students when I use a teamwork program like QuizWorks. I'm going to start off my year using QuizWorks and SideKeys to get a greater understanding of my student behaviors in teams. GREAT PRODUCTS!" Lisa Joesten 5th Grade Teacher

"QuizWorks and SideKeys are the coolest products, I wish we would had them all year" Josh 5th Grade Student in Illinois

"This is FUN READING! It didn't feel like Social Studies class." Jim L.D. Resource Classroom

"Bingo! With Mr. Vern challenges my students to focus, listen, and think." Mrs. Siudak Bush Elementary School

"With QuizWorks and SideKeys everyone can play at the same time using one computer in my classroom." Miss Kuhn Parker, Colorado

"Some of my 7th grade students are staying after school to write QuizWorks for fourth graders. My students also write quizzes for other teams in my classroom. What a motivating product!" Mr. Helfert Northern Illinois