1. Question: What is the maximum amount of keypads that can be used with one receiver?
Answer: The maximum amount of keypads that can be used with one receiver is 60. Multiple systems can be used in the same building.

2. Question: What is the maximum distance for the keypads?
Answer: The maximum distance is 100 feet.

3. Question: Can everyone answer at the same time?
Answer: Yes, the keypads can simultaneously input to one computer.

4. Question: Are your systems using RF ( Radio Frequency ) or IR ( infrared )?
Answer: Our systems use RF which means line of site is not required.

5. Question: Do we need to get a FCC license to operate the system?
Answer: The unit is FCC approved and no site approval is necessary.

6. Question: Can I add keypads to my system?
Answer: You can add keypads at any time.

7. Question: How long does it take to ship my order?
Answer: We usually ship with in 24 hours of receiving your order.

8. Question: How do I set up SideKeys outside of the United States?
Answer: Follow this link for a tutorial for including U.S. keyboard equivalents.
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