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Gameshow Pro allows trainers, team leaders and instructional designers to introduce content, preview material, and review content while completely engaging every trainee. Your participants really connect with the interactivity, competition and FUN in Gameshow Pro. You'll love that trainees' information retention and attention levels soar when playing the game shows.
Easily Customize Your Content
Gameshow Pro is easy-to-use: simply fill in questions and answers, and within minutes have a game that reinforces content while creating an energizing, effective, and innovative learning environment. In the classroom, Gameshow Pro handles the business end of playing a training game show for you. Gameshow Pro:

* Presents questions and answers
* Manages timers
* Displays and tracks each team's score on your screen or monitor.

This allows the trainer to focus on the information and trainee reactions.
Pictures, Videos, and Sounds, oh my!
Adults in today's world are used to getting their information through multiple multimedia sources. Gameshow Pro creates a complete multimedia experience by letting you import pictures, video and sounds into your questions, answers and information screens. This expands the education potential of your game show, and appeals to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. For instance, questions can challenge trainees to:

* Listen to a customer service call and identify how to improve the interaction
* Identify mistakes made when filling out a form
* Watch a video, and answer questions based on that video
* Translate a spoken phrase or acronym

You may also change the graphics of the game show to match your company logo, customize team names, and insert custom graphics to transform your training material into an engaging game show.
Flexible Enough To Suit Any Need
Gameshow Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of fun game shows in 6 familiar formats. You can use GameshowPro with any content and insert any of your own questions. In addition to the questions and answers, you have control over:

* Universal question library that stores all your questions from all games
* The number of teams and team names
* Point values of questions
* Right and wrong sounds: Normal, Fun, Wacky or import your own
* Question types: Open ended or multiple-choice with up to 5 answers
* Timers: Answer, Read, and Game, Ring-In and Match
* Number of rounds and questions-per-round
* Game logo graphics, themes and opening music
Integrated with a Wireless Slammer System
No more debates over who rang-in first!  Our industry standard wireless, radio frequency slammers tell Game Show Pro which team or player was first to ring-in, and tells GameshowPro which team to recognize.  Our slammers are durable, too, so that you can go beyond auditory and visual leaning paradigms.  Engage them kinesthetically, too, by letting them get physical with slammers!

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Gameshow Pro (7 Game Suite) with 5 Team Slammer System......................$1,495    
Gameshow Pro (7 Game Suite) with 10 Team Slammer System....................$1,995    
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