Exciting to Play Quiz 6
The only whole class software of it's kind where up to six teams have 3 different styles of play.

    All teams buzz-in on all questions.
    First team to buzz-in and lock out others.
    Turn taking to answer the question.
Email: info@currentworksinc.com
Computer-Based Participation Tools with Wireless Keypads and Participation Software
P.O. Box 203, Ringwood IL. 60072, Phone: (888)526-1200 Fax: (847)497-9680
Provides an easy "fill-in-the-blank" template for creating custom multiple-choice quizzes on any topic. The software also keeps track of each team's answers, score and the class average
Q6/CD-C-1  Win CD-Rom Single License               Call
Q6/CD-C-5 Win CD-Rom 5 Computer Lic.              Call
Q6/CD-C-10 Win CD-Rom 10 Computer Lic.           Call

   SKQ6U-7C Quiz6 Trainer's Toolbox                  Call
(7-Keypads, USB Receiver, Quiz6 Software & Carrying Case)

   7K-USB/418C Quiz6 Hardware only           Call
(7-Keypads, USB Receiver & Carrying Case)

PC System Requirements: Windows 2000 and above
Use Quiz 6 as a startup activity for participants to get to know one another or as a fun way to assess comprehension. Quickly develop teamwork and tap into the energy of healthy competition.