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Slam-In is the academic competition scoreboard you've been waiting for!  It turns an academic competition into an event by displaying a computer-based scoreboard for all to see during the match.  Slam-In automates everything for the moderator:

      Wireless (or wired) ring-in with no resetting between questions
      Early ring-in detection
      Built-in customizable timers
      Automatic scorekeeping with instant spreadsheet results after a match

System Requirements? Slam-In software works on Windows and Mac computers. All our slammer systems are FCC and CE certified. Our slammers work up to 100 feet away from your host computer, and are so durable they come with a 3 year warranty!

You also have our money-back guarantee that you won't ever experience any signal interference with Slam-In.
Regardless of what you call it - a quiz bowl, an academic tournament, a scholastic bowl, a quiz tournament, and academic challenge, a brain brawl, a battle of the books, etc. - Slam-In turns your event into a show that no one will forget! (It will also be an event that, for once, is easy for you to setup and run.)
Academic Competition Systems
You only need 1 slammer per team to conduct a lively and engaging show. But if it's important to you to know which player on a team rang in first, then give every contestant a slammer. Slam-In lets you distribute up to 50 slammers and organize your contestants into as many as 10 teams.
Toss-up Questions and Bonus Questions. Reading time and early ring-in detection. On-screen timers for ring-in and answer control. Official timeouts as well as timeouts charged to specific teams charged to specific teams - in any length. A Round Timer and automated scorekeeping. It's all here with Slam-In!.
Optional Leader Keypad