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"SWAP" is switching between two active applications on the computer. This "SWAP" function allows the teacher to have the PowerPoint Slide Show application actively presenting the information to the class. At the same time the Quiz 6 game show program is also active on the same computer, but hidden in the background. The teacher uses the SideKeys wireless remote control keypad to click through the slide show. Then, at the touch of a different button on the same keypad "SWAP" over to the quiz show, hiding the Slide Show in the background.
When PowerPoint and the Quiz 6 Ultimate Quiz Kit are combined via the "SWAP" function, they yield a dynamic interactive process of presentation and corresponding fun quiz activity. The typical process involves the presentation of a few slides and then "SWAP" over to a short set of quiz questions directly related to these slides. Quickly get students actively working in teams, answering questions, and see how well the students understand the important points just presented. Then "SWAP" back and continue.
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